Post-Production Reflection

Over the past week I focused on making the final changes to my piece. Mostly, I played around with the sound. The previous week Bettina made the observation that the song I had chosen didn’t quite match the footage. The footage has a dream-like quality that isn’t paralleled in the music. I went about trying to manipulate the music to better fit the footage by introducing pockets of silence and adding atmospheric underwater sound effects. However this didn’t create the effect I was looking for. No matter how many different ways I tried to alter the music and create a new, more fitting soundscape, it never sounded quite right. In the end I decided to leave the piece of music in its original form. I actually chose this piece in the beginning because it doesn’t have the same dreamy quality as the footage. I thought a song with such a quality would be too stereotypical. I also chose it because I think it makes my piece much more interesting for the viewer. If I used a less dynamic song I think my piece would lose viewer interest and could even become somewhat repetitive to watch. I think this song adds another dimension to the piece, complimenting and enhancing its themes of movement, fluidity and colour. It has also significantly helped me in structuring the footage in an effective and meaningful sequence. Adding in atmospheric sound effects made it sound a bit corny and I feel that they detracted from the footage rather than enriching it.

My piece has undergone a number of creative changes since my original proposal, however my intent to illustrate the beauty and fluidity of movement underwater has remained. I always wanted to experiment with filming dye underwater, however this ended up becoming a more central part of my work as I decided to make it an exploration of colour as well as movement. Colour and movement proved to be complimenting concepts, each illustrating and emphasizing the way the other works. Together with the dynamic structure of the music, I think these themes and images work together to create a striking effect and a deeply sensory experience for the viewer. This was my original creative intent, and I think I have achieved my desired effect.

Overall I am happy with the work, however there are some changes I would undergo if I were to do it again. This was my first time experimenting with the genre of underwater film. Using a GoPro was new to me, and therefore I don’t think my footage was as good as it could have been. Between my test footage, and the footage I actually used, I saw a big improvement in quality, stability, and clarity. I think that if I had given myself further time to practice actually using the equipment, the end result would have been more refined. I have loved learning and experimenting with the art of underwater filming, and I think it is a creative area I will continue to pursue.


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